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Types of investments

Types of investments

The stock market is constantly changing, evolving. That’s the exciting part of it; you’ll never know what stock is going to do really well or which one is going to fail miserably. How much you invest, and how you invest it is always up to you. There’s different types of investments, though. We’ll tell you a little bit about the different types of investments in this article.


A bond is a very secure way to make some money, but you might not see it returned to you for a while. You can see a bond as a small loan to a company or even a government that has debt. The company or government will use your bond (along with other people’s bonds) to pay off their debt, and they will eventually pay you back with interest.


Equities, or “stocks”, make you the co-owner of a business. You purchase a stock that costs money, but you are betting on the fact that the company will be successful. After a while, the business will allocate some of their profits to their shareholders, which are called dividends.

Other investments like CFD

Bonds and equities, or equity and debt, are the most common stocks to invest in. However, there are many other ways you can invest your money. You could bet on a currency in the foreign exchange market (FOREX), go into investing in real estate, invest your money in commodities like gold, and more. Another way to invest your money is by investing in a CFD. There are many CFD brokers willing to help you invest into the right CFD. Have a look at CFD brokers today to decide which one fits your needs best!