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The best material handling equipment supplier who delivers great customer care

Are you in need of handling equipment for various material and do you want to purchase from a solid supplier in your area? J-Tec makes sure you handle solids and liquids in an optimal manner. The automated material handling equipment from this specialized supplier provides the perfect solution that is completely based around your process and preferences. The engineers over at J-Tec make sure to design, supply, build and maintain your processing system. In this case, it does not matter whether you work with powders, pellets, or liquids. In addition, it is possible to order a bespoke single process line, a complete turnkey solution, or every possible variety in between.

What kind of service do you need?

Various industries rely on J-Tec as their supplier of material handling equipment. Whether you are one of the leading players in the chemical industry or have just founded a start-up in the area of food processing, every company has the need for a high-end supplier of qualitative equipment for material handling. You can trust J-Tec for different kinds of material handling services, such as:

  • Project management and engineering when you are in need of a solution that fits your needs.
  • Design to receive a bespoke material handling system that is custom built for your company.
  • Process automation to reach the highest possible quantities in your area.
  • On-site services for repairs, maintenance and more.
  • Competence center to research new methods and adhere to regulations, standards, and guidelines.  
  • Test center services to ensure safety and efficiency on the overall project.
  • Customer care where the partnership between yourself and J-Tec thrives. You can rely on them for technical support, training, spare parts, inspection and more.

Contact these experts for the best solution available

Do you want a supplier of material handling equipment you can rely on? An engineering partner who offers the best solutions for automated machinery and systems? Make sure to discover the endless possibilities J-Tec offers your company. You can find the contact information on their website.