Popularity of solar energy is increasing rapidly

Solar panels have seen surges in sales in recent years in the UK. The UK currently is ranked 6th in terms of solar energy capacity. The British authorities have encouraged people to buy photovoltaic panels by subsidizing these panels. On top of the that prices of the solar PV panels have dropped considerably in recent years. Solar power capacity have heightened to 5 Megawatts in 2014 in one single year. That is sufficient power for 1.5 million UK houses.

In 2016 solar panels were put up for around seven hundred thousand homes across the nation. Twelve Megawatts of annual capacity was reached by January, 2017.

Estimated solar capacity in three years from now

The Thory goverment predicts twenty two megawatts is attainable in 2020. The solar industry figures that to be closer to 25 Megawatts. The latter figure could mean 40 percent of UK homes could be powered with solar energy. In numbers that is 10 million homes!

 How to use your generated electricity to the full

Instead of selling back your excess generated electricity you could purchase an electric system boiler and use it for heating. Buy an electric water heater and electric central heating boiler and you can all together ditch gas and revert to 100% solar electricity.


The advantages for having an electric central heating boiler:

  • Solar electricity to provide power to your electric system boiler and your electric water heater

  • Ditch gas and revert to solar power plus reduce your energy consumption and consequently your bill

  • Avoid potential hazardous gas leakage too

  • Zero carbon monoxide emission when switching to an electric system boiler

  • Annual servicing of your system boiler is in the past

We have been selling electric central heating boiler manufactured in Poland by Elterm and in four years we have never had any returns nor complaints.