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Samuel Bruce Office Furniture

Samuel Bruce Office Furniture was founded in 1983 with manufacturing facilities in Dundee. Before the company started with the production of office furniture, Samuel Bruce designed and produced accomodation furniture for oil rigs as well as student accomodation. The Pinpo range of office furniture is a striaght decendant of this manufacturing technique. It is a panel sided desking, benching and table system that offers clients a wide range of standard products in many different finishes, shapes and sizes in a traditional style. 


Samuel Bruce Office Furniture


Today the company focusses on modern metal based height adjustable desking sytems with cable management right up to todays requirements. 



The durniture is specified in many large projects in the financial services sector, information technology and communication, call centres and the petro chemical industry.


Today Samuel Bruce is part of the Amos Beech group of companies based in Falkirk, Scotland. Amos Beech is an interior design, office fit out and office furniture company.


Desking systems in modern interior design


The days that most offices in the UK were equipped with panel ended curved workstations are fortunately long gone, although some office still buy these desks as a replacement or addition to existing furniture. In new interior design led office environments the curved workstaions are gone and more straight desks and so called benching systems are being used. In additions to this the UK office furniture industry finally sees growing interest in height adjustable desking and sit stand workstations.



Samuel Bruce have a comprehensive range of:


– Bench Desking


– Sit-Stand desking


– Collaborative Worktables


– Managerial Workstations


– Meeting room tables


– Break-out tables


– Storage systems


Samuel Bruce desking systems are designed and manufactured in the UK and are able to provide organisations with quality office furniture solutions that will be an integral part to the success of that organisation. In addition to the UK manufacturing facilities Samuel Bruce uses leading German engineering firms for specialist solutions.