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Quality Library Solutions you can trust

A library requires streamlining of various services and adequate measures to ensure that customers get quality services and that the security of various items at the workplace is guaranteed. With many libraries serving hundreds of customers each month, quality library solutions also ensure that the staff members are not overwhelmed by the workload and result in delays and mistakes.

Dialoc ID offers several services to cover various library needs efficiently. Some of the services include the following:


Innovative staff Solutions

Dialock ID offers technology tools to support staff in their delivery of services. They include the staff stations, inventory, PC security systems, RFID card readers, library cards and their printers. The tools allow them to determine the available resources, control traffic in and out of the library and identify customers as they get into the library. There are also cards available for all new customers coming for services.


Self-Service Solutions

There are solutions to allow customers to pick resources and check them out at the door on their own. These library solutions are available in RFID, electromagnetic, or a hybrid of the two systems. They are integrated with receipt printers, readers and barcode scanners.


Return and Sorting

Dialock ID allows libraries to automate the return of different resources so that they are sorted and placed in the right sections. This reduces the time employees take to sort different materials. The handling system is noiseless and protects even the thin items.


Security Detection Systems

Security systems
prevent deliberate or accident removal of materials without entering them into the systems. They can be accessed remotely, accepts both RFID and electromagnetic technology and come with an alarm, among other features.


Library solutions for book labeling

Dialock ID provides library solutions for making EM and RFID tags for books and different media in the library. The tags are long-lasting and come in different finishes and sizes to take care of different types of media. When it comes to comprehensive library solutions, Dialock ID offers a wide range of solutions to meet daily library operation needs. The solutions are efficient, incorporate various technologies and very secure.