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Product Photographer Netherlands

Looking for a product photography studio in The Netherlands?

You have just found one! STUDIOVHF near Zwolle in the centre of the Netherlands is a specialized photostudio voor product photography, advertising, corparate, interiors and editorial photography. The photographers create high quality images of small to medium sized product like jewelry and furniture up to 3 meters wide. Also agricultural products like fruit and vegetables and meatproducts. It makes sense to have these product photographed here to secure the fresh and crisp look.

Product Photography

The photography of products require specialised skills and equipment that only a few photostudios in the Zwolle area have. The studio has a fixed infinity wall for medium sized to large products and a product table for the smaller products. Varois lighting techniques are at disposal and the studio has specialist lenses for optical correct reproduction of dimensions and perspective. It enables the photographers to correct vertical lines when the product is shot from an angle. 

Photography Studio Zwolle 

The studio is run by Vincent Hartman who is fluent in English. Although you will find that most Dutch will have some English language skills, with STUDIOVHF you will feel immediately at home, because the English spoken there is next to native language skills. Vincent has worked in the UK and overseas for over 10 years and lived in Northampton with his family for 5 years. The fast majority of photography assignments come form local companies and advertising agencies, but the network is slowly but surely expanding to The UK, Germany and even The United States. The English landing page and articles like this should be instrumental in the growth.