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Highly explosive fished in Soerendonk during magnetic fishing

A magnetic angler in Soerendonk took an explosive of 20 centimeters out of the water with  magnet fishing sets The explosive, which is probably a remnant of the Second World War, will be rendered harmless by the Explosives Clearance Service (EOD).

The police calls on magnetic fishermen and people who come across a suspicious object with a metal detector to immediately call the police and not to touch the explosive. “Do not take unnecessary risks because there are various explosives that can explode with the slightest or slightest movement or vibration”.

According to the police, the finder of the 20-centimetre explosive did this ‘fortunately’.

In the municipality of Delfzijl there is a detection ban. This means that magnetic fish are prohibited. The use of a metal detector or other object, intended for detecting weapons, ammunition or coins is also prohibited. With this, the municipality wants to protect archaeological material and guarantee safety. They also want to prevent unsafe situations when finding explosive material.

Danger to public safety

During the Second World War, various combat operations took place within our municipality. As a result, explosive material was left behind in the soil. In the course of time this explosive material may have become unstable. Reports have shown that there is a hobby search for remains within the municipality. This can pose a danger to public safety when (unintentionally) explosive material is found.