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Steve Pavlina, popular blog author and self-help coach, has written about how you can learn to get up early and stay awake throughout the day. We publish the key ideas of his article. Steve admits that the skill to get up early and use the morning hours for the most productive activities did not come to him right away. When he was twenty, he was a classic “owl”: he went to bed after midnight, got up late, was as if half asleep all day, the peak of work productivity did not begin until evening.

Once it happened that he got up very early. The sensations were not pleasant, but on this day he noticed that he was working more productively. Steve realized that it was time for another life experiment: he wanted to become a truly early bird … and set his alarm clock for 5 am. But the experiment was not successful, because the next morning Steve woke up at about 12 noon. The first failure did not stop him and he began to try again. But no matter how hard he tried, nothing worked: the ringing of the alarm clock was terribly annoying and all he wanted at this time was to turn it off and fall asleep again. At some point, Pavlina even suggested that he is one of those people who lack a special gene responsible for early waking up. And this thought could ruin the whole experiment in the bud, if not for one study that Steve accidentally stumbled upon. After reading it, he realized that he was starting to solve the problem from the wrong end. Based on the data obtained, he developed his own method, which helped him make a real “lark” out of himself.

Anyone who tries unsuccessfully to get up early has one common mistake. Many people think that in order to get up early, you need to go to bed early. Those. if you want to get up at 5 am, then you need to go to bed at 9 pm to get the norm of 8 hours of sleep. As a rule, such undertakings always fail.

In a study that Steve read, it was written that there are two techniques to help you get up early.

The first is that you have to go to bed and get up at exactly the same time every day. This method is very suitable for our modern society, because it is very simple and the result is predictable.

The second technique is based on the biorhythms of your body. You must listen to what it “tells” you. If your body is tired, you should go to bed. Likewise, your body will tell you when to get up. This method is not for everyone, since you need to be very sensitive to the signals of your body, you cannot ignore them.

Steve tried both of these techniques and found that they weren’t optimal. Those. not suitable for those who care about increasing their productivity.

The disadvantage of the first is that you cannot always fall asleep at the time that you have planned for yourself. If you are lying in bed trying to sleep for more than 5 minutes, this indicates that your body is not yet ready for sleep. Every day we get tired in different ways, which means that we must go to bed at different times.

The downside to the second method is that you can sleep longer than you actually need. You may not always be able to hear the “voice” of the body in a dream, which tells you to get up. In addition, your morning will become less predictable, because you will not know exactly what time you will wake up.

After that, Steve Pavlina came to another conclusion: you need to try to combine these two methods. And he did it! The meaning of the new technique is very simple: you need to go to bed when you are really tired, and get up at the same time every day. Steve began to listen to his body: he went to bed, not staying up late, and got up every day at exactly five in the morning.

Steve says the hardest part is hearing your body telling you when to sleep. Coming home from work, we are very often loaded with heavy thoughts, then we can be distracted by various films or TV shows that use our emotions, which contributes to the production of adrenaline, which drowns out the desire to fall asleep. Optimally, an hour or half an hour before going to bed, read books (but not articles on the Internet!). They calm the mind and after a few pages you will feel that your eyes begin to close and your attention “floats”.

In the morning, when the alarm rings, calmly turn it off and lie down for a few seconds, then sit down and gradually move away from sleep. Don’t let your internal dialogue lead you to sleep a little longer. Try not to think at all during this time. Sitting down, drive away thoughts of sleep and immediately get up.

After several weeks of using his method, Steve found that his biorhythms were restored and he did not feel tired or depressed. The thoughts of lack of sleep were gone. In the evening, he began to listen more to his body. If he got very tired during the day, then he went to bed early. If he felt cheerful in the evening, he could afford to lie down later. All the negativity associated with awakening also went away.

There was also something else. Although Steve slept less than before, at least an hour and a half, he felt more rested.

The author of the technique also recommends it to those who suffer from insomnia. According to him, insomnia occurs when we go to bed, but do not want to sleep. If you cannot sleep, then try to stay awake as long as possible. You will see that this will not last forever. Fatigue will quickly overtake you. The author also warns that you must always get up at the same time. Soon, you yourself will understand when you need to go to bed and thus get rid of insomnia.

Finally, we remind once again the essence of this simple and effective technique:

Go to bed when you really want to sleep. Always get up at the same time.

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