The electric water heater Wesen Eco 30 litre is one of the first of its kind with an energy label A. The super intelligent controller and the newest PUR foam insulation have helped the 30 litre to achieve an energy label A. It is an attractively designed electric boiler that measures just 25 centimetres deep. The compact size allows to be installed in your kitchen cupboard.

The energy-efficient Wesen ECO 30 has a self-learning controller. It registers your water consumption for one week and calculates the right program using an ingenious algorithm. That’s how the electric water heater determines what the perfect setting should be to have hot water when you need it. Plus it helps minimize power consumption by only heating when it needs to.

The Wesen ECO holds two separate tanks. Each with its own heating element. One is 800 watt. The other heating element is 1200 watt. Maximum power output is 2000 watt. The ECO controller gauges the temperature of both tanks helping decide which tank needs to be heated. One tanks functions as a preheater and the other as a post heater. This also reduces energy consumption.

The tanks are made of titanium reinforced enamel steel that creates virtually unbreakable tanks. The enamel steel coating transfers no taste to the water.

The Wesen ECO water heater is also available in 50,80 and 100 litres. These models have an energy label B. The depth of the 50 litre is also 25 centimetres. The 80 and 100 litres have depth of 30 centimetres. Every single model is attractively designed and equipped with the same unique ECO controller.

In the UK the Wesen electric water heater ECO series is sold, amongst others, by waterheaterstore . If you are looking to replace your existing storage water heater than the competitively priced, high quality Wesen ECO is definitely worth to consider as an option.