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Electrochemical activated water generators are the ideal cleaning solution

Because drug resistance in bacteria, parasites and viruses is emerging, the medical progress of the past 60 years can be reversed. Microbial resistance or a fast spreading virus are the biggest threats to human society. That is why Aquaox has developed electrochemical activated water generators that produce electrolyzed water for cleaning and disinfecting. Electrolyzed water can be used for both surface disinfection and air fogging, but also for disinfecting linen in laundries and for infection and Hazardous Microbe control. The electrolyzed water is non-toxic and can be used safely for surface disinfection decontamination thanks to the environmentally safe and sustainable materials it is made of. Discover all the benefits of this cleaning method!

Safe cleaning with these water generators

At Aquaox, they developed three different electrochemical activated water generators. The EA-, EC-, and MOW-systems all have their own features and are suitable for various industries. EA-systems are used in the agri- and horticulture, EC-systems in computerized production processes and MOW-systems in water treatment systems. They also offer the EAW-30-C device, which is the smallest one in their product range. This generator produces electrolyzed water in small storage tanks, so that you can fill sprayer bottles, buckets or nebulizers. Thanks to these systems, you will not need to use harmful chemicals anymore!

Choose a safe way of cleaning and disinfecting

Are you curious about the electrochemical activated water generators of this expert? They have their own facilities for research, development and production in the Netherlands and the USA. Because all their solutions are green and biodegradable, you can use then safely without harming humans and the environment. Do you want to use one of these water generators and experience all the benefits? Then contact this expert and discover all there is to know about safe cleaning and sanitizing with water generators!