Ariston is a daughter company of the Ariston Thermo Group, Italy. They have been manufacturing electric boilers since the mid Sixties. It is one of the leading brands in the world in shower water heaters and is sold in over 150 countries worldwide.

Lately Ariston has seen the rise of tenacious and innovative competitors like Wesen. Velis storage heaters by Ariston are high grade products that are decked out with the latest technology has to offer.

Ariston Velis water heater. The design.  

Ariston personifies comfort and class with an aesthetic look. The radical new design was conceptualized by Umberto Palermo from UP design and oozes Italian style. It will look great in your bathroom. It is a wall installed unit that can be hung either vertical or horizontal.

Technical data of the Ariston Velis electric boiler

One of the flattest models of electric water storage heaters in the business with a depth of just 10.6”. Not quite as flat as the Wesen Inox Flat(10.3”) nor the Wesen Inox Silver (9.47”). The two tanks inside are enamel coated and due to the smaller tanks heat up 60% faster than the single large tank normally installed in an electric water heater.

Wesen also features two tanks yet these are made of inox steel resulting in very little corrosion that will no longer require you to replace the anode. The insulation of PUR foam helps keep your warm water hot for an extended period of time.

More specifications of the shower water heaters 

The function called ECO helps save energy considerably. A function both Wesen Inox Flat and Silver Flat electric water heaters have to save energy. Another function allows you to set a daily program that suits your needs of hot water. Available on our website are the 80 litre and the 50 litre.

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