An instant water heater can be installed directly where you require warm water for washing your hands. You eliminate long pipe runs and loss of temperature from a more centrally placed electric storage boiler. We have an over sink tankless hot water heater as well as under sink instant hot water heater available. The compact size and the fact that it is unvented allows you to install the instant water heater anywhere. 


Why buy an instant water heater? 

An instant hot water heater can be used both commercially and domestically. It is directly fed through the cold water mains and is perfect to supply warm water to your wash basin. 

Suitable for: 

  • toilets
  • garages
  • houses
  • ensuites
  • extensions
  • commercial washrooms
  • loft conversions
  • work shops
  • offices

The perfect unit to provide warm water for a hand wash in harder to reach locations that do have water mains. Easy to install with the provided manual.


Important to know about an instant water heater

It usually takes just 10 seconds before you get hot water. A regular instant water heater can only supply warm water to a basin. The limited flow rate makes it unsuitable to provide your shower or bath with enough hot water. Flow rates vary greatly in winter and summer as a result of the incoming water temperature. The Wijas Pow 18 LCD (3 phase current) is able to provide hot water for a shower.  

The instant hot water heater models

Over sink instant water heaters

  • MIX 3500. Power consumption: 3.5 kW   
  • MIX 5000. Power consumption: 5 kW


Under sink instant water heaters 

  • Perfect 3500. Power consumption: 3.5 kW
  • Perfect 4500. Power consumption: 4.5 kW


Go to our web page of our instant water heaters for full details of all the models on offer.